Creator Bios

Ira Hunter

A resident of Victoria, BC, Ira Hunter is the writer and publisher of the cult underground comic book, Champions of Hell, the ultimate horror epic. Ira has directed several award-winning short films including Corpus Delecti: The Passion of Zombie Jesus, and Unearthed featured on his self-released DVD Zombiefeast.

Hunter also publishes Absolute Underground, a fast growing punk and metal magazine.


Robin Thompson

Robin Thompson completed his art education at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto and moved to B.C. to pursue his dream of drawing his own brand of comic books.

He co-founded 13 Flames Empire and co-created the Champions of Hell, Zombie Jesus, and Lil’Natas.  He also worked on his own indy titles Knuckles Malone, Outnumbered, and Captain Space Man.

Working with comics inspired him to begin his own drawing programs for young artists. His workshops have reached community centers and elementary schools throughout Vancouver, including the annual “Word On The Street” literary festival.  He also teaches graphic novels at Emily Carr University of Art and Design on Granville Island. Balancing his interests as both an artist and and actor, Robin also instructs his own improv theatre programs for adults.

Robin continues working in Vancouver as an instructor, comic book artist, self-publisher, and freelancing artist.


Tim Vigil

Timothy B. Vigil is a comic book artist, mostly working in the horror/adult genre. His main graphic novel Faust (with co-creator David Quinn) was adapted by Brian Yuzna as the 2001 movie Faust: Love of the Damned. The followup Faust: Book of M, was nominated for the 1999 Bram Stoker Award for Best Illustrated Narrative. He received his first popular exposure for his work on the comic title Grips, published by the defunct publisher Silverwolf Comics.


Joel Shelton

After being born in Northern California, Joel showed an early interest in the world of art. At age 4 he created his first comic book, an adaptation of Star Wars, created out of brown paper bag, Dixie cups, and a lot of scotch tape. Throughout school he developed his interest into an obsession, constantly sketching, painting, and sculpting.

With a deep love for movies and a desire to be a part of one, he attended schooling for special makeup effects after graduating high school. Having the foresight that the movie industry would be overrun by computer generated effects he pursued a career in graphic design. He then apprenticed as a tattooist to create living art.

After a chance meeting at the Comic Con he met Ira Hunter, who gave Joel the opportunity to sculpt the characters of Champions of Hell, and later created an adaptation comic of the origin of Zombie Jesus. Since then, Joel has created several issues of Zombie Jesus including: Zombie Jesus vs. Robot Hitler, Zombie Jesus vs. Vampire Elvis, and Zombie Jesus vs. Michael Jackson.

Joel is currently the owner of a Tattoo shop in his home town of Yreka, CA. He is continuing work on two comic books at this time, Undead Inbreds and an untitled horror western.


Lawrence Denvir

Lawrence Denvir is a comic book artist; he has been known to pencil, ink, and digitally color comic books.

Growing up on BC’s mainland, he started drawing comic books at an early age, often during class, much to his teachers’ chagrin.

While job hunting after moving to Victoria in 2001, he found himself with a lot of spare time, and decided to write and draw a Champions of Hell Comic. After presenting the comic to Ira Hunter, he found they shared a love of comics, as well as horror movies.

Lawrence also writes, laughs, consumes knowledge, pop culture, and Dr Pepper.